I would like to offer and invite a Kōrero (conversation) – a place-time to meet and share knowledge and curiosity as dancers – we of the same ilk. I bring to this sharing of practice worlds I have been learning/leaning into, full of neuroscience speak, detailed anatomy, philosophy of osteopathy. These worlds may seem beyond dance, or ‘other to’ dance, yet for me always feel inextricably tied, and become enfolded into the practice, thinking, and sharing of movement. Weft into the pluriverse in which we live, move, think, make – how do different languages offer new ways into moving, reframe thinking, open imaginative windows, unsettle assumptions? What might ones freedom look like?

My body narrative holds dancer, mother, injured dancer, mother, student, failed artist, teacher, dancer, un-failed artist, performer, writer, poet, mature woman artist, resistor.

‘Becoming a horse, unbecoming the horse, becoming a different horse’

might be another way of saying this.

The vicissitudes of life have meant I could not dance for a time, multiple times. I watch, and am compelled by, the relationship we (as dancers) have with moving and being-with moving – its unrelenting-ness – and how this makes us somehow different: not better, or worse, but other. I have asked many times how to and why-to keep returning in such a hot and burning world. And yet…

It seems to me there is an ‘isness’ to being a dancer in the world; we do not unbecome the thing, we evolve and move in other directions and yet we are still this, or that, dancer. We are dancers still.

I invite you to join this conversation.

Practice Sharing is an arena to enter into artistic dialogue, an opportunity to share skills, a space for physical thinking, and a way to engage in different creative practices.

Facilitated by established local dance artists and visiting guest artists, the sessions are presented in an open, workshop-style format that may move between dancing, writing, choreographic research and discussion. 


7 October 2023

14:00 – 16:00


Studio 3 – King Street Arts Centre.

Level 2, 356-365 Murray St, Perth WA


FREE for members / $20.00 for non members

Maximum: 20 participants


The practice sharing will take place over 2 hours.

This workshop is open to body-based performers with over two – three years experience.

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