October 12, 2023




  1. First, please ensure that you have a current STRUT Dance membership. If you don’t, please click here to complete a membership form, and then pay for your membership through Momence here


  1. Once you have your membership in place, and you have identified which classes and workshops you’d like to attend, take a look at our Perth Moves Price List and discounted Workshop Packages below, and select the package that best suits you. Note that the package options represent significant discounts.


  1. To purchase your Package in Momence, make sure you’re logged in and click on ‘My Classes’ and then click on the STRUT Dance logo ‘Book Now’.


  1. Scroll through the Purchase Options and select the PERTH MOVES ticket or package option you would like to purchase. Complete your payment details.


  1. You will receive an email from Momence confirming your purchase. Go back into Momence and click on the STRUT Dance ‘Book Now’ button again, then navigate to the class or workshop you’d like to book. Click on ‘Use my class credits’ and tick the ‘Waiver’ agreement. Then click ‘Book Now’.


  1. You can add classes and workshops until you have used all the credits in your Package. Note that the Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui workshop will utilise two credits, since it runs over two weeks.








PACKAGES (Discounted)






Any problems with the booking process, please contact us by emailing creativeproducer@strutdance.org.au, or call us on 08 9321 4066.