Audible Edge Festival - Callout



Audible Edge, Tone List's annual festival of sound, is a home for playful, experimental and cross-disciplinary work that experiments with how we listen to and make sound.

In partnership with Tone List, STRUT Dance is excited to offer one commission to an artist, collaboration or small team (of up to 3 performers) to make a work for the Audible Edge Festival at The Rechabite Hall for the festival's opening night on Friday April 22 2022. Works are required to explore sound and listening conceptually. Tone List and STRUT Dance invite artists to use the commission as an opportunity to experiment: Audible Edge is a festival of art in process.

Artists or artistic teams (which may include collaborations with composers/musicians) will be offered a total development fee of $1500 to create a short work for the festival, paid by STRUT Dance. Tone List will also offer the successful commission a separate performance fee (at award rate for up to three performers), and A/V documentation including sound recording, videography and photography.

The venue will be staffed with a sound and lighting technician to operate the in-house system. The work will be included in a mixed bill program from the experimental, improvised and club music scenes with at least three other performances by local and international artists. 

To download the full callout click HERE