Celebrating alternate pathways into practice

Just take a look in any local gymnasium or hip-hop class and there is bound to be a phenomenal artist lurking somewhere, bursting with potential and hunger…now just go up to them and see if they are game! That’s how I started…

STRUT Director (2013-2021) - Paul Selwyn Norton

An initiative to create opportunities for artists who have taken a more idiosyncratic or non-traditional pathway into dance. STRUT Dance’s desire is to draw from a culturally and artistically diverse pool of dancers who, in turn, help build a more robust cohort of STRUT Dance members and Australian artists. Rogue scholarship recipients are given free access to all of STRUT Dance’s Master Workshops and Collaborations programs.

To this date, STRUT Dance has successfully supported seven Rogues through parts of the 2014-2021 program.

Any individual or organisation may nominate a Rogue for consideration and inclusion in a specific master workshop or collaborations program. Keep an eye out for class throughout the year. STRUT particularly encourages nominations for artists from diverse backgrounds.

If you have someone in mind, please come and talk to us…