PLAY is an opportunity for master workshop and collaboration program participants to respond to the choreographic material and methodology they have experienced under the leadership of Lucy Guerin, Crystal Pite, and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.


PLAY is not outcome focused.

In the week immediately following all workshops, STRUT Dance will provide studio PLAY space to participants to investigate how key learnings might inspire and intersect with their own choreographic practice. In order to foster cross-sector sharing of expertise, participants may invite other STRUT Members and artists who may have not attended a particular workshop into their PLAY spaces.

Access to studios will be administered on an as needs basis during respective workshop delivery.

Play #2
In response to Lucy Guerin

Jul 4-6

Play #1
In response to Crystal Pite
Sep 26-28

Play #3
In response to Sidi Larbi Chekraoui

Dec 5 - 7