[CP]³ - Critical Practice in Contemporary Performance

Manila Zoo (2020) by Eisa Jocson


Lauren Catellani is the recipient of the STRUT Dance bursary for [CP]³


[CP]³ (Certificate Programme for Critical Practice in Contemporary Performance) is an intensive distance learning program for the development of critical praxes in contemporary choreography and performance making, delivered by Dance Nucleus (Singapore). The main aim of the 6-month program is to help artists articulate and develop their own artistic practices.

In [CP]³, artistic praxis is seen as a holistic process of defining one’s research questions, outlining responses to one’s socio-political context,  proposing encounters with the public(s), and forwarding choreography as a vital discipline in the production of cultural knowledge.

As a study program, [CP]³ caters to emerging dance and performance makers with several years of experience in choreographic creation and production, and who wish to deepen their experimental approaches to art making.

STRUT Dance is supporting 1 bursary of $1500 to cover the course fee for an artist to take part in this critical practice program.

Lauren joins a cohort from across Asia which will enable her to form valuable networks for intercultural exchange. Lauren will also receive administrative support from Strut Dance to organise local gatherings of artists to support their activities.

This is an outstanding opportunity for artists to deepen their practice and consider their work within a broader cultural context.

Please join us in congratulating Lauren.