Gaga 2015

Plan your pathway into the full evening performance of Ohad Naharin's repertoire in 2016

STRUT recognises that you independents need more notice regarding our master workshops, so you can prepare your next season's committments.

We are happy to publish the following date for Gaga 3 in 2015

Gaga 3 Feb 2 - 13

You can book your place in this workshop by the regular method on the Gaga Masterclass page or contact

 * Please remember that in order to qualify for the final full evening perfromance of Ohad Naharin's choreography in 2016 you will have to have participated in a minimum of 3 Gaga trainings with STRUT or have evidence that you have completed the equivalent Gaga experience elsewhere. This is to protect the quality of the work itself and provide a guaranteed pathway to those participants loyal to the programme.