Australia Indonesia Institue - #AusIndonesia

Performing Arts Tour 2

Australia Indonesia Institue -  #AusIndonesia

Delegates from all over Australia witnessed a wide variety of Indonesian contemporary visual art, performance and music.

Garin Nugroho esteemed film maker opened the day with a contextual framing of history and politics over the last century, demonstrating how it has impacted and shaped present day practice. 

Highlight of the morning was Gayo Gayo - an innovative collision between traditional Saman Dance and heavy rock - a vehicle to both preserve authentic culture and educate the next generation. Exquisite physical sequencing executed with such youthful exuberance had the room whooping. 

Cultural preservation and where it intersects and assimilates innovation - this was the central theme in most presentations. It is an endemic challenge in a country made up of 17,500 archipelagos and more than 300 bespoke cultures. 

We then moved onto Jakarta biennale’s spaces and after an insightful presentation from Ruang Rupa, who host the annual RRREC music festival, we were let loose into the gallery proper by Artistic Director of the 2017 Jakarta Biennale Melati Suryodarmo.

A brilliant array of contemporary expressions raging from large scale pumice installations to delicate hair painting evoke an extraordinary spiritual connection to place, history and belief. The Biennale this year holds a special reverence to Hendrawan Riyanto whose influence is recognized across wise spectrum of contemporary discourse and practice. Garin Nugroho, his sibling's shared a beautifully articulated visual essay as an ode to Riyanto’s genius.