"One Flat Thing, Reproduced" Showing

See you next year!!!

So what an amazing journey and equally amazing outcome and showing! About 30 dance artists from all over Australia whipped their limbs over tables to audition for the chance to perform next year in One Flat Thing, Reproduced.

For me to see this work start to take shape has been an incredible privilege and, to be honest, an emotionally charged event. As I myself was involved in the process of its creation in 2000, my last with the Forsythe Company.

And now here is it again unfolding before my eyes…

Such a joy to have our biggest public showing yet with such an interest and support from across all industry. Thanks you Ayman and dancers for making this all happen!!!

Tune in next year when we build towards the final presentation: 14 dancers, 20 tables, Thom Willems, Forsythe's long stading composer, playing live and of course Forsythe's phenomenal choreography!