"One Flat Thing, Reproduced" 2

Stripping it back to move forward

Watching Ayman work is like watching a spell caster, but not of the big wizard order.

Rather the quiet alchemist, stirring up magic at its most essential.

Today was a stripping back to the elements and I witnessed Ayman deliver “Forsythe Improvisation Technologies”, Forsythe’s improvisation training program, at its most eloquent. Only once the whole room was more articulate did he re-approach the tables.

“Avoid your own body...retract from your own form...less craft more clarity of choice, give this foot a destination and a decisive pathway of arrival”...The secret shorthand of the initiated.

It is as if the room has to speak a common vernacular before it can execute any choreography or repertoire. It’s all about conscious application of systems and decision making and not about just dancing around.

Where am I? What am I? Where am I? What am I? Where am I? What am I? …Take a snapshot of where I am and ask where am I? Where am I in relation to my own form...what can trigger the next impulse to move. By what means do I depart and re-approach this form?

A deliberate self-imposed curiosity… at first glance a potential inhibitor to improvisation, proves however to be highly liberating…