"One Flat Thing, Reproduced" 1

Conducting the Room

Day 1

30 Dancers from all over Australia have finally arrived for the culmination of STRUT's Forsythe Training program and the workshop/audition for Forsythe's One Flat Thing, Reproduced. This has been a 16-year journey for me. I was working in the Forsythe Company back in 2000 when Bill was creating One Flat Thing, Reproduced for the company. It evolved as he was restaging one of his very early works Robert Scott. 

Since I took over as director of STRUT Dance, it has been a dream to be able to bring this work to Australia and Australian dance artists.

That rather fine fellow on the picture is Ayman Harper from the US, who danced for the Forsythe Company for more than a decade. He will be working with dancers here for the next two weeks, introducing them to the methodologies behind the work.

In performance One Flat Thing, Reproduced is made up of a series 'self-governing' mechanisms that operate from within the work itself. Suffice to say, performers can actually influence the outcome and events within the choreography.

So on Day 1, to prepare for this, Ayman focused on dancers utilizing systems of reading and conducting each other in the room. Movement and sound improvisation acted as triggers and responses. It was like watching a room sing...

Ayman then went on to "introduce " the tables with some movement qualities and specific locomotive transitions in between the tables themselves. How to navigate across, under and over them according to movement language that underpins One Flat Thing, Reproduced.

What I found fascinating is to see a how 16 years of development and restaging the work has shaped One Flat Thing, Reproduced into a translatable model...

What I found moving was to watch 30 dancers from all over the country to begin that journey to dance it.