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Tanya Rodin

Tanya Rodin (Brown) began dancing as a pigeon-toed farm girl, at the local ballet school in regional NSW. Fast forward and Tanya graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) in 2015, and First-class Honours in 2016. 

Tanya joined Co:3 Contemporary Dance in 2017, performing in Raewyn Hill’s ‘THE ZONE’, ‘WA Dance Makers’ (2018) and the ‘Reason for Being’ Developments. In 2020 Tanya stepped into the role of Project Co-ordinator where she has been working in community and youth engagement and as artistic support in the studio, most recently in the ‘Archives of Humanity’ for the 2021 Perth Festival.

In addition to this Tanya has been working with Perth independent artists Daisy Sanders, ‘A Resting Mess’ (2017), Bernadette Lewis, ‘Honeymoon Suite’ (Fringe Festival 2018), (KickstART Festival, ‘Hidden Movements’ Program 2018 and 2019) and Sally Richardson’s creative development of ‘CATCH!’ (2018). In NSW, Tanya had the opportunity to perform her solo in the NSW Artstate Festival, supported by Alison Plevey and Adam Deusien (2018), and perform with Lingua Franca Ensemble, in ‘MIGHTY’ (2019).

Community engagement wise, Tanya was awarded the CreateNSW ‘Young Regional Artist Scholarship’ (2018), to help support a self-devised program for professional development, including international travel leading to a community engagement project in her hometown. Most recently in 2020 Tanya worked with Annette Carmichael as support artist for Chorus.