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Sofie Burgoyne

Sofie makes and performs in artistic work related to the body, in a range of contexts. Interested in the performativity of the every day, Sofie’s work utilises performative practices as public acts for personal, social and political encounter. Inherent in Sofie’s work, is reflection and critique of the place of performance and consideration of the relevance and social function of art itself. Sofie’s artistic practice has led her to make, perform and present work in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and the US. Sofie has a Bachelor of Arts (dance) from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, was a participant in experimental performance studies course TAKING POSITION | THE POLITICAL AND THE PLACE with Portuguese academic group Baldio and is completing a Master of Arts (Public Space) at RMIT University.

Sofie is a Tasdance artist 2018 - 2020 and currently performs in the work of Miguel Pereira (O Rumo Do Fumo, POR). Since 2012, Sofie has worked for UK theatre company, Frantic Assembly performing in the shows Noway Back and This Will All Be Gone, contributing to the research and development for channel 4 series, Humans and a Learn and Participation practitioner, teaching for the company in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Among others, Sofie has performed in the works of Theo Clinkard (UK), Jean-Claude Galotta (Fr) and La Fura Dels Baus (ES). Sofie’s choreographic work has been presented by Movement Research at the Judson Church (US) and The Place (UK), and she has undertaken creative residencies at Dance4 (UK), Pavilion Dance South West (UK) and with Sydney Collective Dirty Feet.