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Robert Tinning

Robert teaches STRUT weekly public classes

Robert Tinning is a Perth based contemporary dance artist. He was born in Ecuador South America and grew up in Byron Bay in the Far North Coast of NSW, moving to Perth to study at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, from which he graduated the Bachelor of Arts course in 2014. His path to contemporary dance came as a surprise to himself, due to his sports orientation (football and tennis) when younger, but is a deeply rooted cultural pillar of his Latin heritage with latin styles and his fascination with freestyle street dance styles. Through and since graduating from WAAPA, Robert has worked and seconded with many choreographers, including Justin Rutzou, Sue Peacock, Rachel Ogle, Xiaoxiong Zhang, Emma Fishwick, Unkempt Collective, Philip Channels, Gabrielle Nankivell, Co3/Cadi McCarthy, Gavin Webber and Shaun Parker. Robert’s performance credits include Xioaxiong Zhang’s Rite of Spring, Natalie Allen led remount of Sydney Dance Company’s The Land of Yes and The Land of No and Co3’s remount of Cadi McCarthy’s Behind the Veneer.


A bit about Robert’s classes:

Robert’s classes begin with an exploration of the body’s mechanics with the goal being to bring a conscious awareness of the body while moving and warming up, which incorporates aspects of his latin dance heritage, street dance influences and freestyle/improvisation. He then takes students through aspects of basic contemporary techniques and exercises, footwork, floorwork, movement through space and movement sequences.  Robert’s classes are thoughtful and physical! But don’t worry, all the thinking is offset by the wide variety of music genres students will get to experience from Latin to Hip Hop, through to some bass-ier tunes! Robert’s classes build in difficulty over a teaching tenure. If you attend from the beginning by the end of the tenure he aims to have you moving confidently through the space fired up and fuelled with your own sandunga/personal flavour.