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Kathleen Szalay

Kathleen Szalay teaches STRUT Public Dance Classes

Kathleen Szalay Mulholland's multimedia dance projects are created, exhibited and performed outside the theatre, in public space, for a wide audience. From tiny projections of dancers in tiny boxes to public performances in windows with music created straight from a live microphone, her works are anything but conventional. Her projects, under "Taffyworks", have been presented in Perth, Mandurah, Newcastle, Melbourne, Dublin and New York. She has also worked extensively in Burringurah, bringing dance film workshops to youth in the remote community. Her newest work, Firefly Mode, is a long-exposure dance image series that will tour to regional communities through 2021 and 2022.

What to expect in Kathleen's classes:

Kathleen’s classes fuse American modern dance with Australian contemporary. Her exercises center on using the core and back to extend through long limbs and fluidity of movement both on and off the floor. The word “can’t” does not exist and nothing is taken too seriously. We dance because we love it and the class will be able to indulge in movement that Kathleen introduces in smooth progression.