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Jiří Pokorný

Leader - Crystal Pite Program 2022

Jiří Pokorný started his dance training when he was eight years old at the pre ballet school of the State Opera in Prague. He continued his studies at the Prague National Dance Conservatory. After his graduation Jiří joined Laterna Magika Praha in 2000. Three years later he joined NDT 2 and continued his career in 2006 with NDT 1. He has worked with many renowned choreographers, such as Jiří Kylián, Paul Lightfoot and Sol Léon, Mats Ek and Ohad Naharin. He also collaborated with theatre company Spitfire in Prague and has been teaching for NDT’s Move In, the Mediterraneo dance festival in Italy and Architanz Japan. Since 2010 Jiří dances with Crystal Pite’s dance company Kidd Pivot as well as create new work on NDT and all over Europe.