At present, there are few contemporary dance and physical theatre organisations in Australia that can support a full-time ensemble and enable artists to develop their craft. We are therefore a nation of agile, independent artists who hunt and gather opportunities, Australia wide.

STRUT Dance is all about opportunity - the opportunity for artists to engage with national and international leaders and collaborate across art forms so that they can develop, articulate and ultimately platform their own voices. This is a unique model of opportunity in Australia, and we are proud to say that what STRUT offers is indeed a unique model of opportunity internationally.

By donating to STRUT, your tax deductible donation will


Australian dance and physical theatre artists to access the world's best development, collaboration and performance opportunities and build a virbrant and sustainable ecology for us all


Australian audiences with internationally benchmarked performances created here on our own artists here on home soil


An array of tailor-made events, bespoke showings for you, with exclusive access to the creatives and behind the scens - for a richer and fuller STRUT experience.

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