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Internationally acclaimed artist Crystal Pite is the most singularly sought after choreographer of her generation. Her unique blend of dance, mime and text is driven by a theatrical power that makes her choreography an exhilarating experience for audiences all over the world. Her creations are at once bold, comic and fraught with a desperate humanity, all the while shot through with an emotional intelligence that is riveting, provocative and speaks in the currency of the here and now.

Since 2017, STRUT Dance has been working with the training and methodology that underpins Pite's unique vision with a leadership team from her company, Kidd Pivot. Through a series of workshop programs, more than 200 Australian and international dance artists and choreographers have been able to profit from an exclusive multi-year partnership, unique in the Australian arts sector.

In 2022, this partnership will now culminate in a re-staging of Pite's choreography on STRUT Dance members and independent artists who have been following this program - a world first!

We have a target of $40k to be matched by Creative Partnerhsips Australia - deadline 31st May.

By donating to Pathways to Crystal Pite, your tax deductible donation will


Dance artists from all over Australia  to access the world's best development, collaboration and performance opportunities from the Crystal Pite and build a virbrant and sustainable ecology for us all.


Australian audiences with the opportunity to see Crystal Pites's phenomenal work created here on our own artists here and on home soil.


An array of tailor-made events, bespoke showings for you, with exclusive access to the creatives and behind the scenes - for a richer and fuller CRYSTAL PITE experience.

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