Asking the right questions

STRUT’s Collaboration Program was a huge benefit to my career as an emerging artist, helping the trajectory of my career, by being introduced to choreographers and collaborators that I am lucky enough to still be working with today

Dane Yates – Composer Collaborations Program


More often than not, resources do not allow for collaboration across art forms at an early developmental level. STRUT has devised dynamic and responsive programs for choreographers that build skills in collaborative processes.

In partnership with the State Theatre Centre of WA and Subiaco Arts Centre, STRUT designs pathways to encourage future collaboration across all stage art forms. We feel that these conversations should commence at ground zero and be continually nurtured. The aim is to provide all parties with the necessary vernacular and skills to develop performance works of greater resonance and depth and deliver these to the public.

2018 will focus on Choreography and Music Composition with dynamic team Stephanie Lake and Robin Fox and Choreography, Dramaturgy and Improvisation with Jo Lloyd and Anny Mokotow.

These collaborations are situated inside theatre venues ensuring the value-add is reciprocal to all parties.

Outcomes include:

- Young artists learning about collaboration across stage art forms and having the opportunity to implement that learning directly back into practice on stage, in order to prepare them for future creative development

- Artists and participants being able to network across art forms for future creative collaboration

- Artists learning about the realities and demands of the stage environment

- Building capacity around marketing and promotion: helping artists talk about their work at all stages of development

- Young artists choosing to present final works in the State Theatre Centre of WA and the Subiaco Arts Centre pitch their own creative ideas

- Building capacity around audience development for Contemporary Dance