Asking the right questions

Key to a choreographer’s development is learning how to collaborate with other artists in readiness for the stage. More often than not, resources do not allow for collaboration across art forms at an early developmental level. STRUT has devised dynamic and responsive programs for choreographers and other stage practitioners that build skills in collaborative processes.

Supported by the Perth Theatre Trust, STRUT designs pathways to encourage future collaboration across all stage art forms. We feel that these conversations should commence at ground zero and be continually nurtured. The aim is to provide all parties with the necessary resources, the space and the leadership to coach those artists into asking the right questions and how to implement that inquiry directly back into their own practice.

These workshops take place in the real stage environment, in this case the Studio Underground of the State Theatre Centre of WA and are therefore invaluable on-site experience for all participants.

2017 will focus on Choreography and the Stage:

Antony Hamilton & Alisdaire Macindoe : Stage Design in partership with PIAF Connect

Andrew Morrish & Humphrey Bower : Text - Movement - Improvisation - Script