Professional Class

Professional Classes are running again as normal.

Keeping current WA health restrictions in mind, please remember to sign in upon arrival using the SafeWA app, use the hand sanitiser provided and social distance where possible. If you are feeling unwell please stay at home.

The STRUT Team

BOOK HERE FOR AUGUST CLASSES - Open 5pm Friday 30 July

Teachers for August Pro Classes are:

Mon 2 Aug - May Greenberg (Studio 1)
Tue 3 Aug - Nikki Tarling (Studio 1)
Wed 4 Aug - Linton Aberle (Studio 1)
Thu 5 Aug - Linton Aberle (Studio 1)
Fri 6 Aug - Penny Blanco (Ballet in Studio 1)

Mon 9 Aug - Georgia Van Gils (Studio 1)
Tue 10 Aug - Nikki Tarling (Studio 1)
Wed 11 Aug - Ella-Rose Trew (Studio 1)
Thu 12 Aug - Yilin Kong (Studio 1)
Fri 13 Aug - Penny Blanco (Ballet in Studio 1)

Mon 16 Aug - TBC (Studio 2)
Tue 17 Aug - Nikki Tarling (Middar Room, STC WA)
Wed 18 Aug - Linton Aberle (Studio 2)
Thu 19 Aug - Linton Aberle (Middar Room, STC WA)
Fri 20 Aug - Penny Blanco (Ballet in Studio 2) 

Mon 23 Aug - TBC (Studio 2)
Tue 24 Aug - Brooke Leeder (Studio 3)
Wed 25 Aug - Ella-Rose Trew (Studio 2)
Thu 26 Aug - Zee Zunnur (Studio 3)
Fri 27 Aug - Penny Blanco (Ballet in Studio 2)

A reminder that class sizes are limited in August to accommodate the rehearsing cast of SITU-8:Hotel. We thank you for your patience.


If you plan to attend but are not a member of STRUT Dance, you can buy a single class pass - HERE

Or join or renew your membership HERE

Time - 9:30 - 11:00 am

Where - Studio 3, KSAC

COVID safety - STRUT Dance will adhere to all current COVID safety protocols. We will open up a participation list which will include contact details to facilitate any contact tracing, should that be necessary. Hand sanitizer stations are located at the entrance to the building and in each studio.


Aspirational training for professional dancers and physical theatre practitioners

STRUT recognises the necessity of technical training as part of an artist's physical maintenance and preparedness to work and we are committed to providing the sector with inspirational dance teachers and mentors from all over Australia and abroad.

During Master Workshops or rehearsals for Performance Outcomes, we usually open the morning class Monday- Friday to the professional sector on a drop-in basis. 

Please see the Workshops page for further information on each workshop.

STRUT offers professional classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays outside of the Master Workshops. Current classes hosted by STRUT are listed to the right.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on independent artists, STRUT Dance offered FREE professional classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout 2020. In 2021, Tuesday and Thursday morning professional classes will remain FREE for all current STRUT Dance Members!

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Open to all professional-level dancers and physical theatre practitioners.

While every safety & duty of care measure is taken by STRUT, class is undertaken at participants' own risk. Participants must be 18 years or over.