Stay tuned for the announcement of the slected artists who will create works for the performance season: 1-11 November

STRUT Dance, in association with Tura, is pleased to announce the return of SITU-8 in 2022 for another season of site-specific performance works that embrace collaboration between contemporary body-based performance and experimental music composition.

Curated by Timothy Green and Sofie Burgoyne with the assistance of Ashleigh White, eight creative teams will be selected to produce eight new, site-specific performance works to be presented at The Liberty Theatre; a historical site on Barrack Street with a vibrant history. Each creative team will consist of a combination of composers, body-based performance makers and performers.

SITU-8: CITY will take place in a cinema that in its lifetime, has hosted a plethora of films and audiences; notably, films and audiences of Western European heritage. What stories, bodies, voices and characters have been included and excluded from this site? If The Liberty Theatre was to reopen, what might you want to see that speaks to Australian people and culture in 2022?

SITU-8 is supported by Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative.