Expressions of interest are now open for our very LAST PILOT EVER. We’ll be signing off with our classic dual model but NO STUDIO SHOWING, instead you’ll be required to share something of your work online. You can sign up as a dancer to work with someone else or as a maker for the following options:

Option 1 - Cue and Go
Respond to lucky dip tasks from the big names of dance.

The prompt for Pilot will be a reprise of a popular Off Cuts from 2017: choose one or more cues provided by a choice selection of dance makers, and run with them in whatever way you like. This is the perfect chance to just get in the studio and make something new and spontaneous.

Option 2 - Open Sharing

Bring something that you’re thinking about, that you’ve been working on, or the start of something completely new. Have a chat with the curator of Pilot about the possibilities.

The Deal:

- Four hours of free studio time at King Street Arts Centre

- Online/digital sharing published via STRUT blog and FB page 

- Facilitation/guidance from STRUT and the Pilot curator

The Dates:

Thu 15 Nov: Call out open

Fri 23 Nov: Call out closed

Thu 15 Nov – Fri 14 December: Studio time (any day/time that suits you)

Your online sharing can be in any form you choose; photos, video, written blog, gifs, mood boards, Spotify playlist… whatever your imagination decides. You’ll need to submit/upload within 7 days of your studio time.

Makers, we have ONLY 8 PLACES AVAILABLE so send your EOI’s through to bernie_06@hotmail.com pronto, stating which option you’d like to take.

Dancers, send through your EOI’s clearly stating that you’re looking to participate in someone else’s pilot.

Get on board!