LUCY GUERIN (delivered)

Lucy Guerin is an Australian master whose choreographic palette is diverse, poetic and ultra-refined. Lucy’s process is as generous as it is contemplative, and her capacity to build community wherever she operates is immensely aspirational. Lucy begins a multi-year partnership with STRUT Dance in 2022 and will be leading the workshop program in person with some of her most valued collaborators.





June 20-30


June 29




King Street Arts Centre


This workshop has been delivered. We are not accepting bookings.



Scholarships allocated in 2020 for this workshop have were carried forward to the 2022 program.


Lucy Guerin will become the leader of the 2022 STRUT Dance Mentorship Program. STRUT Dance will support a mentorship place for one WA artist to work with Lucy with free access to her two-week master workshop, including a raft of opportunities to discuss process and practice, plus share their own creative development and productivity with Lucy. 

The Mentee selected for the 2022 STRUT Dance Mentorship Program is Laura Boynes.