Kidd Pivot (Delivered)

Improvisation and Methodologies

A STRUT Dance and PIAF Connect presentation

Under the direction of visionary choreographer Crystal Pite, Kidd Pivot’s distinct choreographic language has become globally renowned.

Eric Beauchesne, Kidd Pivot’s rehearsal director, will run a free 1.5 hour masterclass focusing on discovering and revealing articulations and timings in the body.

The class begins with a warm-up as participants articulate deeply through the body in stages, starting from the spine and working towards the extremities.

Participants work at their own pace, exploring kinetic relationships both within their own bodies and to the space around them.

The class is explorative and non-performative: its focus is on the play between analysis and instinct, and the use of improvisation both as a tool and an experience.


Saturday 25 February, 11am–12.30pm


King Street Arts Centre, Perth


Free (30 max)

Register HERE  by Monday 6 February

This workshop is part of PIAF Connect - for more info about PIAF's outreach program click HERE