Hofesh Shechter (delivered)

Two weeks of Shechter Repertoire and Methodology

STRUT Dance is thrilled to be developing its partnership with the internationally renowned Hofesh Shechter Company, inviting leading members of the company to deliver a series of two-week workshops in May and August 2019.

These workshops provide a rare opportunity to delve into Hofesh Shechter’s unique choreography, sharing and exploring his movement fundamentals and imagery through past works - a fascinating insight into Hofesh’s creative process. This master workshop series will lead to a bespoke performance of Uprising and tHE bAD in 2020, re-designed for STRUT by Hofesh’s creative team. Details of the application and audition process which follows the August Shechter workshops below.

Due to the demand for this artist, STRUT will hold two Hofesh Shechter workshops in August.

August Workshop

Date: Aug 12 - 23

Price: $400

Participation: communications@strutdance.org.au


Date: May 22 6:30 pm


One workshop will be based at the State Theatre Centre of WA (enter via the stage door on Roe Street) and the other at King Street Arts Centre.


Class will run from 9:30-11am at both the State Theatre Centre Rehearsal Room 1 (sign in at the stage door under STRUT) and King Street Arts Centre (Studio 3).

Class will be open to the professional sector on a casual drop-in basis from Monday - Friday each day except Thursday 22 August. Check our professional class page for rates.


Audition for Hofesh Shechter's tHE bAD

In 2020 Hofesh Shechter will be re-creating a bespoke version tHE bAD for STRUT Dance. Access to this opportunity will be through a formal audition process. The rehearsal and performance seasons for tHE bAD will be in early 2020.

Audition Date

Aug 24/25 - directly after the August workshop

Audition criteria

This opportunity is open to all professional dance artists and tertiary students who will have graduated by 2020. Audition applicants will have to be able to demonstrate that they have undertaken a minimum of two Hofesh Shechter Company master workshops with STRUT or equivalent intensives overseas.

Audition application

Please supply your CV with a clear head shot and a short 250 word EOI detailing your experience, or future commitment to Shechter workshops/intensives. These documents should be combined into a single pdf and forwarded to: communications@strutdance.org.au

** NOTE: Multiple PDFs or documents in other formats will not be accepted