Daniel Kok / Luke George

Tie Massage & Show Room

Currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In partnerhship with PICA we invite you to join the makers of Bunny over a 4-day participative workshop and public durational performance.

In Tie Massage Luke George (AU) and Daniel Kok (SG) extract ideas and exercises that they have developed over the process of creating Bunny, combining rope techniques with Thai massage. Luke and Daniel’s particular methodology explores the premise that bondage is a dynamic relational practice that involves a heightened sense of touch and sensitive mutual listening between the giver and the receiver as they communicate to each other. Emphasising duty of care, Luke and Daniel will cater to different desires and interests, and explore the politics of intimacy that are revealed by the differences between doing and observing, seeing and being seen, leading and being led, control and surrender.

This is a free professional development opportunity with a daily stipend for artists working across dance, live-art and installation.

This workshop is suitable for anyone with a curiosity in interacting with others and audiences and exploring care, consent, trust, empathy and pleasure as critical questions for performance practice. The 4-day workshop culminates in Show Room, a 2-hour public performance. Luke and Daniel will develop a series of ‘live portraits’ with the workshop participants and a series of objects. In Show Room, each performer and object become both subject and object in their self-portraits. This is a rare opportunity to connect with two established experimental performance makers with a particular focus on queer and relational practice. Limited places are available and participants will be selected through an expression of interest process.


Apr 6 – 9

Show Room

Apr 9

Participation for this workshop

Eligibility 18+

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