Crystal Pite / Kidd Pivot (Nov 18 - 29)

Cindy Salgado - Workshop Leader

I have particiapted in all the Crystal Pite workshops since the get go and yes, there is now stopping me now. I am going all the way to the magnificant finishing line.

Independent Artist and STRUT Member


STRUT is honoured to continue its partnership with this Canadian visionary who has built a global reputation as the choreographic leader of Kidd Pivot. Crystal’s repertoire now sits in most of the major dance companies the world over. Workshop leader Cindy Salgado has been central to Crystal Pite’s creations inside the Netherlands Dance Theatre and restages Pite’s work all over the globe. She will lead a two-week master workshop on the principles governing Crystal’s repertoire and choreographic methodology


Date: Nov 18 - 29                                                                                                                                                         

Price:  $400

Participation: Registrations open Feb 1 2019 and payment will be accepted on a first come first served basis - register HERE


Date: Nov 28 6:30 pm


Studio 3, King Street Arts Centre