Annette Carmichael

Choreography as an act of social transformation

Currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Annette Carmichael is a WA community arts practitioner whose work celebrates the role of the artist as community leader. She pioneers the building of community inside choreographic process, thereby creating an authentic foundation for rigor and experimentation.

The workshop will explore the potential of diverse life experiences as a driver to creating deeply meaningful work. Carmichael will unpack the choreographic processes of The Beauty Index Trilogy - three distinctive works made with regional communities in Western Australia that unravel complex issues of terror, fear, beauty and belonging. These processes incorporate mathematical and polyrhythmic patterns as a neutral foundation for highly emotive states, ideas of virtuosity in simple action and nostalgic memory - all as a foundation for developing a shared movement vocabulary.

The workshop will also uncover the leadership and communication skills essential for working with large casts of trained and untrained performers.These two weeks are the start of a longer partnership with Annette that will enhance the skills of Australian artists looking to create exceptional contemporary dance within regional communities.


Sep 7 – 18


Sep 17




King Street Arts Centre, Perth


Registration will open Feb 3, 2020 and be accepted on a first come first served basis.

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Scholarships of $400 to cover the workshop fee are available through the STRUT Dance Scholarship Program.

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* Extra Financial support for regional artists to be able to access this workshop will be announced later in 2020.