STRUT Dance encourages and supports a national community of passionate, professional independent choreographers and dance-makers.

To take full advantage of our professional & artistic opportunities become a STRUT member today!

Benefits of STRUT membership include:

- Discounts for professional classes 

- Eligibility for STRUT master workshops

- Discounted tickets to some STRUT performance seasons

- Eligibility to apply for all levels of STRUT's program, from studio performance opportunities, to residencies, to main stage performance outcomes

- Eligibility to be auspiced for your own relevant independent projects

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Discounts at Hopper cafe (Shafto Lane)

ALL THIS FOR ONLY $50 per year - STRUT membership is per calendar year

WHO can become a STRUT member?

Anybody aged 18 + involved in professional dance practice (also open to 3rd yr tertiary dance student secondees OR any performing artist (from any artform) willing & able to participate in STRUT's Master Workshop or Colab programs).

HOW TO become a STRUT member:

1. Fill out and SUBMIT the online membership form below

2. MAKE PAYMENT either in person at the STRUT office, or online HERE

NB: Payment must be received within 48hrs of your membership form submission-

Please note that your contact details (mobile phone number and email address only) may be communicated to other STRUT members.
Further information for funding purposes:
Please tick the following categories if relevant:
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Membership is valid for the calendar year in which the membership fee is paid.

For new memberships, please upload a short bio outlining your dance background and main experience with dance related activities.