The Rogues Programme

Celebrating alternate pathways into independent dance

An initiative to create opportunities for artists who have taken a more idiosyncratic or non-institutionalised pathway into dance. In collaboration with suitably skilled peer organisations, STRUT develops particular focus groupse ach year identifying each year’s “Rogues” to uncover hidden talent. The desire is to draw from a culturally and artistically diverse pool of dancers who in turn, help build a more diverse and robust cohort of WA dance artists.

Our first Rogue was Lucas Marie, A PhD Student in Social Sciences at Curtain University who in his spare time moonlights as a b/boy breaker. 

Lucas participated in STRUT's Antony Hamilton two week Master Workshop in  May 2014. Working with Hamilton during this time opened new doors for Lucas - both technically & artistically. Lucas has gone on to perfrom in Antony Hamilton's work Untitled as part of STRUT's FringeWorld show Mi Casa es Su Casa in Februrary 2015.

This nine month 'Rogue journey' (from May 2014 - Feb 2015) has expanded Lucas's field of vision creatively and extended his skill-set technically (from b/boy dancer to contempoary dance artist).

An impressive start for STRUT's Rogue Program in its aim to create new pathways for dancers, and bring new artists into the contemporary dance fold.