2021 SEED Residencies


Since 2007, STRUT’s SEED Residencies have offered choreographers opportunities to explore new concepts and begin new artistic projects.

These residencies offer financial and administrative resources to choreographers so that they can really knuckle down into a new process. Many SEED recipients have gone on receive further support and develop their SEEDs into full evening works.

Selection is by formal application to be reviewed by an independent panel of industry experts and stakeholders.

A SEED Residency Application Pack is available upon request



STRUT Dance and the Komunitas Salihara Arts Centre in Jakarta are beginning a new partnership to create pathways of exchange with shared artists and collaborators. To launch this initiative, STRUT and Salihara supported the choreographic team of Natalie Allen and Samuel Harnett-Welk to undertake the first Indonesian SEED.

The application process for 2021's International SEED will be announced later in the year.