2019 SEED Residency

Opening for application - July 2

Since 2007, STRUT’s SEED residencies have offered choreographers financial and administrative resources to explore new concepts, and begin new artistic projects. In this way STRUT works to ‘SEED’ new projects for performance.

Since becoming a national organisation, STRUT’s SEED residency program has expanded to include artists working across the country. However, in line with our State to Federal government funding ratio, and our ongoing commitment to WA artists, our 5 x annual SEED residencies are awarded as follows:

- 3 x SEED residencies to WA choreographers (minimum)

- 1 x SEED residency to interstate choreographers

- 1 x SEED residency to Australian choreographers - 6 weeks in Indonesia (NEW)

Application announcement and opening date: Monday July 2 2018

Please note that you have to be a STRUT Member to apply for this opportunity and all Australian and international 2019 SEED residencies must be undertaken in that year.

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