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Talitha Maslin


Talitha is a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and works in the independent dance sector as a performer, teacher and choreographer.

Nationally, Talitha has performed in works by Lucy Guerin Inc., Antony Hamilton, Opera Australia, and in W.A. with LINK Dance Company and Ochre Contemporary Dance Company.

In 2013, Talitha was awarded an Ian Potter Travel Scholarship with which she attended ImpulsTanz festival In Vienna.

Talitha was a teacher in residence at Attakkalari Centre for Movement arts in Bangalore, India, in 2014, where she choreographed her first group piece, Systematic Confusion.

Talitha has worked alongside Alice Lee Holland for Ausdance WA’s Future Landings program, and has presented short choreographic works at First Run at Lucy Guerin Inc. and Short and Sweet festival in Melbourne.

Talitha is currently a founding dancer of Co3 Contemporary Dance Company in WA.


A bit about Talitha's classes:

Talitha's classes are a fusion of release technique, centrifugal force and generating power. She focuses on bringing awareness to alignment and breath through a series of exercises that are guaranteed to get the brain working and the body moving. Through a soft, energetic class, you will learn some wicked floor work skills, how to play with balance, flowing traveling sequences and how to move from the power in your centre. She may even throw in some improvisation tasks or power drills just to keep you on your toes!

But don't be alarmed, the main aim is to relax, have fun and enjoy getting hot and sweaty to cool beats in a supportive environment.