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Russell Thorpe

Russell graduated from WAAPA in 2013, and has since worked as a professional performer, teacher and choreographer in Perth. Russell has worked independently with Barking Gecko Theatre Company, STRUT Dance & Unkempt Dance, Tony Currie and Rhiannon Newton. Russell joined Co3 in 2015 and has performed in re:Loaded (2015 & 2016) choreographed by Larissa McGowan, Gavin Webber and Raewyn Hill, The Cry (2016) and The Zone (2017). Russell was also nominated for a 2017 Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer (re:Loaded 2016).

Russell's class will focus on floor work and skill building in a safe and approachable environment. We will create a foundation of both activation and release to better understand when to hold on, and when to let go. Be prepared to dance to some funky tunes and get a little sweaty.