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Eliza Sanders

Eliza is a choreographer, dancer & teacher who works between Australia and New Zealand. Upon graduation from The New Zealand School of Dance Eliza launched House of Sand with her brother Charles and has since created 5 full-length works for the company - Knitting While Sleeping, Feet.Us, Fear of Eggs and her solo shows Pedal and Castles which have toured Australia and NZ and received numerous awards. Eliza has created works on The New Zealand School of Dance - Skin of Grime 2017, Footnote Dance Company - Not all who Launder are Washed 2017, A Snail Watches Dust Particles in Sunlight 2018 (co-choreographer James O’Hara) and QL2 Dance - This Poisoned Sea 2017 & Bigger 2018.

Eliza is a certified teacher of Countertechnique and is a Key Artist on the Make a Move Program, working with primary teachers to teach dance for the Australia National Curriculum.

Her short dance film M.G.W.H premiered at the F.O.R.M festival in Vancouver in 2016 and in 2017 she was an invited international artists at Transformation Dance Festival Montreal.

As a dancer Eliza has performed for Body Cartography, The Australian Dance Party, The World of Wearable Art, The Sound and Fury Ensemble and Java Dance Theatre.

Eliza had her acting debut in Revolt. She Said. Revolt again for House of Sand earlier this year.