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Callum Mooney

Callum is an Australian artist that has worked in dance theatre and film, originally from a hip hop background before moving to contemporary. He has worked with the Dream Dance Company in the productions of The Secret Society and Enter the Vortex. Callum has been a featured dance artist for Suzuki, Cartier, ALDI and Kingswood. Callum has also completed a Diploma of Film and Interactive Media focusing on video editing and artistic direction through cinematography. He incorporates this knowledge through his work with video art and projection work for live dance.In 2017, Callum debuted his first choreographic work, WeAreSOUND’s Train of Thought. In 2018, Callum worked with Chunky Move in a work called Accumulation choreographed by Anouk van Dijk and Legs on the Wall for The Raft choreographed by Joshua Thomson and Gavin Webber. As well as debuting his solo work The Artists Mind at KABA Festival in Sumatra, Indonesia.